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A Simple Solution to Water Borne Diseases By Joshua Machinga

In Kenya, preventable water-­borne diseases like diarrhea are the leading cause of death for children under the age of five. Over one million Kenyan families lack access to clean water. They rely on boiling water to make it safe, which in addition to being time consuming, burns valuable charcoal/fuel wood that would otherwise be used […]


INDIGENOUS SEED PRODUCTION IN KENYA The Green Revolution (AGRA) is considered a milestone in Kenya’s quest for self-reliance in food grain production. The revolution has helped countries like India to increase grain production from a modest 50 million ton in 1950-51 to of 209 million ton in 2000. However, the increase has come by promoting […]

A Passion for International Work by Elizabeth Lucas, RSW

I remember sitting in Richard Gregory’s Community Development class at Medicine Hat College, being shown a film on female circumcision and wanting to do a field trip to Africa. That was in 2000 and in 2010 I realized my dream through an organization called Village Volunteers. www.villagevolunteers.com this organization facilitates the connection of volunteers to […]

Goat Dairy project at Lenana Girls HS: A report

Last year Village Volunteers helped raise funds to establish a goat dairy farm at Lenana Girls High School (Kitale, Kenya) through the annual WASSA Thanksgiving Day Dance, held in Seattle, WA. Thanks to generous donations, Common Ground for Africa (the umbrella organization under which comes Lenana HS) was able to construct a dairy shade on school premises, […]

Hope at Muhuru Bay: How Two Village Volunteers projects in Kenya are helping families cope with sickle cell disease and malnutrition

Mama Maria Clinic, Muhuru Bay, Kenya: Earlier this month, several women – community health workers, ‘opinion leaders’, village elders, mothers of children with sickle cell anemia – participated in a training workshop on planting, harvesting and using the moringa tree so they can provide vital nutrition their families desperately need. This is part of a […]

A new child care center in Kenya and a phenomenal new volunteer opportunity!

Sister Freda is all heart. Any volunteer who works with her expresses how fortunate he/she is to have worked alongside someone so utterly immersed in service. But while most of what we talk about regarding the Sister Freda Foundation has to do with the copious medical services and facilities she provides to thousands in Kitale, […]

Dear Volunteer – A handful of practical guidelines for volunteers

Over the years Village Volunteers’ partnering organizations have shared their knowledge and experience of working with volunteers, and this has helped us greatly in refining our volunteer program. We’ve come to the core understanding that through our partner programs, volunteers have the opportunity to offer a hand in friendship and partnership by sharing in the […]

The men in our lives: Our partners who champion women’s rights

I met Joshua Machinga of Common Ground for Africa in 2001, Joshua and I knew almost immediately that we would work together to support local farmers as we shared a deep concern for the erosion of sustainable farming methods. But what also struck me was his consideration for women’s rights in his community. Unsurprisingly, CGA found ways […]

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